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    Troy’s goal in life is to instill a deeper understanding of biblical doctrine by explaining the great history found within God’s word. As a teen, he struggled with the impossibility of combining evolution with the Bible. For that reason, other believers to action because God’s Word has answers for our faith questions. He focuses on refuting the long-age compromise through educating the church to use the Bible to defend the truth of God’s creation. As well, Troy focuses on the historicity and cultures of the New Testament, especially as it relates to contemporary Christianity. Troy is married to his high school sweetheart and has three children. He is an amateur geologist and is working on analyzing the Acadia geologic formations in reference to its possible formation from Noah’s flood.



    Ken desires to teach believers the facts of the Bible as truth, beginning with Genesis 1.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Bible and Theology from Appalachian Bible College with a concentration in pastoral ministries.  He has taught on the topic of creation apologetics to both high school students and adults, dealing extensively with the text found in Genesis 1-11.

    Ken currently lives in Springvale, ME with his wife, Bonnie, and their children Judah and Katie.  He serves as the pastor at Hilltop Baptist Church in Cornish, ME.





    Allan is the newest member of our team and a 1984 graduate of Baptist Bible College in Pennsylvania. He is a financial advisor who has a passion for apologetics.  Allan focuses on the essentials of the Christian faith and the authority of Scripture. Allan is especially passionate about enabling young people to defend their faith in these areas. He has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church of Warren since 1984 where he serves as a deacon. Allan is a native of Maine and resides in Nobleboro with Sheri, his wife of twenty-eight years.






    Andrew’s devotion to the origins conversation began while he was in high school. After spending several years as an atheist, he became convinced of the overwhelming truth that God exists and that He created everything. Andrew’s primary passion is to dissect the science behind the evolution-creation debate, knowing how vital it is to witnessing in our world today. He holds a B.A in Biology from Cedarville University where he co-founded the Cedarville Interventionist Society, a collegiate creationist organization dedicated to educating others about current research in the origins of life. Andrew lives in Bath with his wife, Megan.




    Megan is a 2011 graduate of Cedarville University with her B.A. in Biology. Growing up in a Christian home and attending a Christian school for most of her life has grounded her in a broad knowledge of the Scriptures. She is eagerly learning the multifaceted aspects of apologetics and all the areas it entails, from logic to geology to her familiar territory of genetics. Megan is a published poet and works as a paramedic at Mayo Regional Hospital. She and Andrew were recently married in February 2012.