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    Mars Hill, ME

    Troy, Andrew, and their wives went up for the youth meeting at United Baptist Church in Mars Hill. What a drive! There was a lot of good fellowship with the people up there. In the couples Sunday school class that morning, Troy and Andrew discussed the importance of training children in their faith and encouraging them to ask questions and discuss. Both struggled with doubts in middle school and high school, and this is where statistics are showing most people are making a decision to either continue pursuing God (approx. 10% of churched youth) or to walk away from Him (approx. 90% of churched youth).

    That night, Troy and Andrew jointly covered several big questions young people often have about their Christianity: Does God exist? Is the Bible reliable? How do dinosaurs fit in the Bible? How did Noah fit all the animals on the ark? Where did all the water go after the Flood? What about the accuracy of carbon-14 dating? Aren’t science and faith at odds?

    The months are filling up with engagements here and there. Keep us in prayer! So far, God has been gracious in providing at least enough (if not more) money to cover gas expenses. And, He is creating the perfect amount of flexibility in work schedules to run all over the state like this. He is good!


    Reaching Athens - Sanford, ME

    NECM recently hosted a day’s seminar on apologetics principles at God’s House on the Hill in Sanford, ME. The newest staff member, Alan Beck, initiated the morning with an exegesis of 1 Peter 3:15-16, going word by word to explain how and why God wants us to understand His work of faith in us. Troy Ancona followed with an examination of Apostle Paul’s apologetics techniques and how they were relevant to his contemporaries. Andrew Guerette concluded with his talk, Science and Faith, explaining that they are not opposing forces.

    It is essential that Christians do not walk blindly and allow themselves to be dissuaded from serious study of their faith. It is true and defendable and worth fighting for. If you don’t know this, search it out. It is not wrong to ask questions. Digging to examine the roots of the Christian faith is one way we can worship God.

    Don’t forget, we are here to be a resource for you! We will do our best to point you towards books, websites, articles, and people who can help you along the way.


    Get Involved!

    We are looking for willing churches, youth groups, pastors and people who would like to host one of our speakers at an event! We would love to talk to you over a cup of coffee, your youth group, Sunday school, AWANA, or Sunday service. The simple fact is that advertising about a creation/evolution speaker will draw people who would otherwise be closed off to hearing anything about the gospel.

    The Evolution/ Creation debate is a vital issue! Most teens and young adults which leave the church do so due to doubts which start when faced with difficult spiritual issues like evolution/ creation. The world we live in is designed to make Christians look like fools, and Christians not knowing much about the topic of origins only compounds the issue.

    We are prepared to teach you and your friends or congregation to defend their faith against the assaults of “science” and logic. Our God created the universe, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask hard questions and be afraid of science undermining our faith. We have designed powerful talks to help you cut through the smoke and mirrors tricks people use to try to make christians look foolish.

    We have been trained by Answers In Genesis and are well versed on many issues. We are also prepared to teach the “Teachers Training” day course which covers a multitude of issues which will make you prepared to discuss hard issues with the most hardened of evolutionists. Make sure to schedule Troy Ancona for a talk on one of the most dynamic speakers after Christ! The Apostle Paul’s Apologetics. Paul faced a situation much like we have here in the Northeast, hear what he had to say and how he turned skeptics into believers! Dealing with a Scientist? Then talk to Andrew Guerette, an Answers in Genesis trained Biologists and Registered Maine Guide! He can talk about Biology, Geology and seemingly difficult theological issues!


    Creation and Evolution - Does it matter?

    We here at Northeast Creation Ministries have people tell us all the time that the debate over evolution or creation doesn’t  matter. But is that a logical statement based on facts? We have spent a good portion of our lives and spare time working on questions like this: YES! It matters! Science seeks to understand the world around us, but to truly understand something, you have to know where it came from. Origins is one of the most important issues facing our society today. It is often a place where religions fail, and science seems to excel. Evolution and Creation are in a true dichotomy; if one fails, the other succeeds. But, we should not bash the opposition and tote our flag high. We also need to build our own case.

    The essence of Creation is that there is a Creator God of the Bible who has caused us to exist from nothing but His word and will. If the Bible is true, then we should see a young universe and earth. Fossils laid down by water from Noah’s flood, and the genetic mutation load should be increasing as to be destroying species.We should not see mice turning into whales by large genetic informational increases.

    The essence of Evolution is that there is no Go and that all that there is came to exist by natural, unpredictable, unguided forces. If Evolution is true, then we should see the universe and earth to be billions of years old, the fossil record to be laid down over hundreds of millions of years, and animals evolving rapidly and diversifying into new and highly specified species through mutations and natural selection.

    Stick with us, as we explore these important issues! This website is only on the start of being built! Keep updated!


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